Do you have to hire the big guys?

Sometimes, federal government contractors think they have to go to Washington D.C. to hire a law firm to represent them, and I think that's a mistake.

Our clients here in the Southeast appreciate the fact that the Wilmer and Lee Government Practice Group is here. That we can meet with them. They can sit across from us face to face.

We practice regularly at GAO, the Court of Federal Claims, at the Federal Circuit, we have matters. And, there's obviously a price differential. D.C. law firms charge a lot of money to do this, but also it's we get to know our clients' business. We get to sit across the table from them. Preparing a matter for an appeal in the Court of Federal Claims, it's very helpful to sit down with your lawyer and look at them face to face and get the information across that you need to.

All the things that the Court Federal Claims are filed electronically. The D.C. law firms that represent people in government contracts matters they are good firms, of course, but they file things electronically. And, they only show up in court when there's a hearing. Most preliminary hearings are on the telephone. And, we appear by telephone, and so do they, even though they might be in Falls Church, Virginia.

So, the Wilmer and Lee Government Practice Group helps our clients to achieve what they need to do and we do it at a reasonable value. And, we do it quickly and efficiently.